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kents-writing asked:

Question! How did you tell your wife about he pron? Was she into mlp before and she just went with it, or did you convince her?

Well I got my wife into MLP before we were married and still doing the long distance thing, so I sorta softened her up a little. After we got married and started living together I ended up watching alot of Atryl live streams right beside her (our computers sat right beside each others). She was a little grossed out at first by the atryl porn but eventually stopped caring, and I got her to join in on a few of the livestreams.

So by the time I started drawing porn she really didnt mind. It also doesnt help that shes friends with a local furry artist who draws alot of porn so… yeeahhh.

(and if im reallllly lucky she gets a little turned on by some of the stuff im working on :y)


Anonymous asked:

Oh, I get it! Your icon's a log, 'cause people get logs by lookin' at your art! Ahaahaa! Clever, dude. You rock.

uhhh yeaaaah… Lets go with that :D;;

(Though im sure a few of you 90’s kids know what it actually is.)

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